Tips to Keep your Mobile Devices and Cloud Applications SecuredĀ 

Mobile device Security

The advent of technology has revolutionized the way we live our lives. Thanks to cloud applications installed on mobile devices, remote control of office tasks and business operations has become possible. This has become even more relevant since the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, which has forced many people to work from home. To stay … Read more

11 Ways to Build Career in Digital Media

Build a Career in Digital Marketing

There are various avenues to pursue a successful career in digital media, and digital marketing stands out as a prominent option. This approach involves promoting products and services through diverse digital channels. To thrive in this field, effective digital marketing strategies are essential. Notably, digital media and digital marketing are not limited by geographical or … Read more

Acer Helios 700: Powered Gaming Laptop

Acer Helios 700

The Acer Helios 700 is a gaming laptop that stands out from the rest with its unique features, fashionable appearance, and sliding keyboard. It is equipped with macro keys for gaming, an exclusive cooling system, and a great sound system, making it perfect for a heavy gaming experience. The laptop is available in i9-10980HK Core … Read more